Specialty & Seasonal Beers

These are limited production specialties and rarities. These beers are the products of our nano-brewery at our tap room location in Wynberg. This is the heart-beat of Frontier. The beer produced here represents the state of our art. This is small batch production, typically 400-600 bottles or cans per batch.

No beer is ever up-scaled or produced under the Frontier label without first having being produced and evolved at our nano plant.

Our specialty beers form a core part of our ethos. It is where get to explore, take risks, and brew beer using the fullest expression of our skill, ingredients and inspiration. The barrel room is a barrel maturation cellar located here for several barrel projects, including mostly wild ales and imperial stouts.


The Tart of Darkness
Flanders Red

Karma Coma
Double IPA

The Holy Gose
Cape Fig Gose

The Haymaker II
Imperial Stout

The Cuban
Imperial Stout

Brett Saison