Why Frontier?

Frontier Beer Co. was established in 2016. Our mission statement is the “relentless pursuit of world class beer”.

People often ask us, “Why Frontier?”

We live in a social frontier, in our lifetimes incredible things have happened in this place, and as much as the place has transformed, we feel like we’re only just getting started. This is centred around the notion that the best years and best generations lie ahead of us. We believe this is true of most of the African continent.

We are inspired by people that embrace determinism, and create the life and the future that they want to see in this place. There are people doing this everywhere and all the time, in their respective corners of society. Building, connecting.

Our corner is beer, we are just a beer company, right? But our inspiration is drawn from these heroes we see around us all the time. We are moved by people that embrace this deterministic view, that look forward and not backwards. We want to do business with these people, and we want our own brand to evoke this positive energy. That is Frontier life, frontier living.

For us, the word, and the concept of “Frontier” best encapsulates the energy of this place, and these ideas. The frontier is a still-forming state, and the 3 F’s in our logo symbolise this still-forming state. Our tagline “This is our Time” embraces that determinism, and casts into present the opportunity that is front of all of us, right now. To pull together.

Our beer names try to encapsulate this place, and embrace our past, present and future. “Rye the Beloved Country”, the classic piece of literature encapsulating the soul of our past. “Sophiatown”, the indomitable spirit, energy and art. And “Like a Boss”, the new world swagger of an emerging economy and national identity. We will always try to be playful and evocative of the place we are from, with our brand, our products, and our associations. And we are always trying to produce world class products, not to take ourselves too seriously, but to walk tall from our corner of the world.



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